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May 3, 2019

Join us as we talk with Eli Pasconnationally certified Chief Appraiser at ValueQuest AMC, for insight into the appraisal process, trends in the market, and most importantly, the one step you must take before ordering your next appraisal. 

  1. There seems to be a seasonal effect on values, especially in the Northeast. Is it safe to say in the early part of the spring market, loan officers may see values struggling to hit the agreed up on sales price? (2:54) 
  2. Norcom does transactions all over. Are you looking at regulatory pressures or do you feel that appraisals are regulated to a point where the rules and technology are keeping everything on the straight-and-narrow? (4:56) 
  3. Let’s talk about appreciation in values. Is the south still appreciating the way it was anticipated that they would? (8:05) 
  4. Renovation loans are a hot topic in our industry. Do you think appraisers are up to speed on the renovation side of the business? Has the increase in renovation financing made it more difficult for appraisers or is it helping the marketplace? (10:15) 
  5. What about appraisal independence? What are you looking for to make sure to keep the mortgage side and the appraisal side insulated in the proper way? (12:17) 
  6. Can you go into the technology or Collateral Underwriter? What is it and how it’s being used to affect your world and how it changes ours? (14:52) 
  7. What are the mistakes that we fall into and how can we help our realtor partners better identify the characteristics of a property so that when we get the loan, it doesn’t become a problem because of the property condition? (19:31)