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Mar 7, 2019

Welcome guest Paul Siker, the Founder and CEO of Advanced Recruiting Trends, a talent acquisition and recruitment training consultancy. He is also Managing Partner of The Artisan Group, an executive search and staff augmentation firm. We ask Paul direct questions about recruiting high performing candidates, mistakes to avoid in your recruiting strategy, and great tips for improving your business recruiting. Join us to learn how to recruit and keep your best potential candidates. 

  1. What are the steps that a recruiter takes when identifying a high performing candidate? (1:45)
  2. LinkedIn is very important to the mortgage industry. Are we using LinkedIn in the most efficient way? (3:28)
  3. What are the biggest mistakes that mortgage companies make when they’re recruiting? (6:29)
  4. What is a proper follow up process when recruiting? How often is too often or just right for following up with potential candidates? (8:40)
  5. How important is onboarding with a new hire? (10:14)
  6. What are some tips for staying organized while recruiting? (11:51)
  7. What is the one piece of advice that we need to focus on as recruiters in our business? (13:33)