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May 16, 2019

Starting a new career, especially in a sales industry, can be difficult. In this episode, Greg discusses great tips for new loan officers to launch a successful career from day one. Radding's Rapport is here to support your business. Questions or topics you'd like us to cover? Email us!

  1. Personalize your service, even in a technology driven world. Meet your clients face-to-face as often as possible to build trust. (3:06) 
  2. Ask questions and learn to listen to your clients. Lead the client to give you the information that you need to solve their problems for them. (4:25) 
  3. Follow-up with your clients and referral partners. Communicate with your clients in an honest and up-front manner. (5:38) 
  4. Manage your online reputation. (7:29) 
  5. Tap into your sphere of influence. Make sure they know what you do for a living. (8:58) 
  6. Get involved in your community. (10:42) 
  7. Attend industry events to learn new products and connect with other industry professionals. (11:49) 
  8. Stay active on social media and invest in yourself and your business with ad campaigns. (13:25) 
  9. Become an expert and provide content to your sphere of influence and past customers through a CRM, seminar or webinar, and social media outlets. (14:54) 
  10. Work through various options, including referral partners, to increase your visibility on the web. (15:55)