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Dec 27, 2018

We focus on Eight Traits of a Successful Loan Officer and how to hone these qualities for a strong start to 2019.

  1. Have a drive and be self-motivated. (2:34)
  2. Have systems and disciplines to follow for every day. (3:33)
  3. Use a CRM database to organize your sphere of influence, track referrals, and complete drip campaigns that keep in touch with your contacts. (4:31)
  4. Have a business plan that is measurable, and follow it. (5:59)
  5. Have a core of specialty products. (7:42)
  6. Measure what you're doing. (8:50)
  7. Have a philosophy or mindset, and make sure it matches the company you work for, or adapt to your company’s policy. (9:15)
  8. Portray the culture of your company. (12:16)